A Welcome Note

Me and my darling daughter, Portia.
Do you eat to live, or live to eat? I have to admit, food is on the forefront of my mind perpetually. And for me, there is nothing more satisfying than creating a meal that I have prepared for my loved ones. I thrive in the chaos of planning, cooking and serving large dinner parties, and dive into the challenge of tackling the most advanced culinary recipes. From the creative joy of recipe writing and weekly meal planning to the simple pleasure I get from cooking- this blog is an outlet for me to share my love of food, and all that it brings to enjoying life with family and friends.
I believe in a healthy balance of comforting indulgences, and pure nourishment. Both styles of cooking leave their own happy feeling in your tummy that no other vice can. In this blog, I will share my diverse repertoire of recipes that I have ‘perfected’ over the years, and my healthy living philosophies. I will cover everything from food preparation techniques to preparation and execution methods that ensure a successful dinner party. 
I know that there is a richness of the senses in what I will be sharing because it comes from my heart.  I have spent years learning from the best culinarians. I have studied, broken down the methods, and nudged the ingredients into my own perfect recipes.  These recipes and everyday tips will enhance your life and can be shared for special moments with your friends and family.
Mucho gusto,
Mia Yarema
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”




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